Ethica Real Estates acts as a Financial Consultant in finding venture capital supplied by public authorities.
Particularly, we are specialised in financing search in the touristic sector, disposing of hospitality properties for sale - Hotels, B&B, Farm holidays, Holiday villages and residences, etc.

Suitable to:
1. Small and medium business, both founded and to set up
2. Businessmen aged between 18 and 35 years old
3. Corporate business, constituted mainly by women entrepreneurs

Available for some areas of Italy only.


When considering an hospitality management investment we offer this option as an addition to the lease. This is aimed to allow you to move in as a rent-paying tenant. You will then have the option to buy the property outright after a fixed period of time, at a price agreed when you first moved in.

Rent-to-buy lease options can offer a much better deal than a conventional purchase. You don’t need to take out a mortgage straight away, giving you time for your financial position to improve so you can afford to buy at the end of the rental period. And you are on the property ladder with the purchase price locked in from the start, giving you the opportunity to make a capital gain if prices rise sufficiently as well as the protection to avoid most of the financial loss if prices fall.