4 star HOTELS

MILAN - ITALY                                                   REF. H 270116 MI

Interesting 4-star hotel near Milan. Set in a strategic position both the airport and the A4 motorway is a few kilometers. Modern and rational has about 110 rooms with exclusive service and comfort that the category includes.

FOR SALE                                                     € 13.000.000 

SICILY - ITALY                                                   REF. H 040116 SICILY

Superb Hotel in the heart of the Val di Noto, UNESCO World Heritage Site for the Baroque. The structure has about 20 rooms, all with exclusive service and comfort that the category includes

FOR SALE                                                 PRIVATE TREATY

VENICE - ITALY                                                   REF. H 151215 VE

Superb 4 star beachfront Hotel in Venice.

It has about 100 rooms, with exclusive service and all comfort.

FOR SALE                                                   PRIVATE TREATY

FLORENCE - ITALY                                           REF. H 151215 FI

Superb 4 star Hotel in Florence center, a few stone's throw from Cathedral and Santa Maria Novella Station. Recently renovated, it has about 100 rooms.

FOR SALE                                                     PRIVATE TREATY

SICILY - ITALY                                                 REF. H 040315 SICILY

Superb accomodation Hotel in Sicily. Strategically located, the structure of large green area offers 10 rooms all with exclusive  amenities. The ideal place for cerimonies.

FOR SALE                                                   € 1.900.000

BOLOGNA DISTRICT - ITALY                             REF. H 120315 BO PROV

We are pleased to introduce a unique property, consisting of accommodation and spa hotel  such as "diffuse hotel".

The complex requires a general important restructuring and modernization but it has the potential in becoming a highlight of any hotel group.


€ 1.700.000 

SIENA - ITALY                                                     REF. H 300913 SI

Placed in Siena centre, the Hotel was recently renovated and it has a optimal number of rooms in modern style and all the services provided by category.


€ 7.000.000 

GARDA LAKE - ITALY                                           REF. H 210115 VR PROV

A singular property composed by different buildings and almost 100 accomodations in total. A relaxing placed where everyone can enjoy the beautiful surranding area.


€ 9.300.000 

MILAN - ITALY                                                   REF. H 090115 MI

New brand hotel, strategically located just few steps from the Expo 2015 theme park. The hotel has almost 200 rooms, meeting rooms and restaurant.


€ 39.000.000 

MILAN - ITALY                                                   REF. H 190315 MI

A 4 Star Superior Hotel located in a beautiful place in the heart of Brera districtnot far from the Duomo. Housed in an historic building, it is completely renovated and composed by about 60 rooms.


€ 68.000.000 

FORLI - ITALY                                                   REF. H 250215 FC

Attractive hotel in a strategic position. The modern building has about 50 rooms all with exclusive service and comfort provided by category.   


€ 6.000.000 

LIVORNO DISTRICT - ITALY                                 REF. H 0901151 LI PROV

Important hotel with thermal establishment located just few kilometers from the sea. Recently totally renovated in modern style with attention to energy saving. the hotel is composed of almost 50 rooms. 


€ 9.000.000 

VENICE - ITALY                                                   REF. H 2105142 VE

A proper elengant milestone in Venice. it is an historical building with prime location overlooking the Gran Canal. Over 100 guest rooms characterized by superb Venetian style.


€ 39.000.000 

COMO DISTRICT                                                 REF. HR 121213 CO PROV

A very nice hotel located in a strategic position, made up with almost 50 rooms with all comforts and standard of its category. An important restaurant inside the hotel is a great added value. 


€ 3.300.000 

BOLOGNA DISTRICT                                           REF. H 280114 BO PROV

For its strategic position, the hotel is easy to reach both the fair district and the old town center. The hotel has about 100 rooms with all the comfort provided by category.


€ 4.500.000 

SLOVENIA                                                         REF. H 011212 SLOVENIA

This beautiful hotel and wellness complex consists in a castle and a modern style hotel placed in a strategic position surrounded by nature but close to all major roads and airport. the complex has got a medical center too.


€ 12.000.000 

BOLOGNA - ITALY                                               REF. H 280114 BO PROV

We are offering an interesting 4 star hotel for sale located in the suburbs of Bologna, circa 7 km from the city center. The hotel has about 100 rooms, a restaurant and conference rooms.


€ 6.000.000 

FORLI-CESENA - ITALY                                       REF. H1607141 FC PROV

Great 4 star hotel on the Adriatic coast of Cesenatico, recently renovated and adapted to new fire regulations. The hotel has more than 100 rooms with all facilities. 


€ 12.500.000 

FLORENCE - ITALY                                             REF. HR 090512 FI

The hotel for sale is located in a quiet and central location of Florence. It is the ideal starting point for visiting the city, just a short walk to the train station of Santa Maria Novella and the airport bus terminal.


€ 25.000.000 

VENICE - ITALY                                               REF. H 2105142 VE

A prestigious historical building used as a 4 star hotel located in the central area of Venice convenient to the train station and overlooking the Gran Canal.


€ 39.000.000