TESTIMONIALS – Succesful stories



See below a small selection of our more recent success property sales achieved from 2008 to the present day.



• Show room and office – Milan, Italy

A 400 m² building settled in a growing business area of Milan, particularly in the fashion sector. It includes underground and outdoor parking facilities. The purchaser was an online advertisement company, who will benefit of this prestigious location to welcome its guests.

• Boutique Hotel **** and SPA Health & Beauty Center – Florence, Italy

This 4 star luxury hotel is a jewel for its Renaissance representativeness in Italian art and architecture. It houses an original Tuscan SPA, offering an exclusive atmosphere to the guests of the hotel. The purchase of the property has been possible securing a special bank loan, thanks to which the investor has advanced just the 10% of the total price. The loan has been available after the excellent outcomes of the hotel, but not only. An additional advantageous financing solution in the form of self-assessment has been taken investing in high-performance wind and photovoltaic farms for renewable energy production in South Italy. This has worked as a double investment, allowing the buyer not only to have access to the initial loan and solve it, but also to have additional income source in the future.



• Prestigious 4 star hotel – Rome, Italy

This is a fine 4 star hotel composed of 80 rooms and convention hall, neighbouring the Central Train Station of Rome. We have sold it to a big international group disposing of 200 hotels around the world. The negotiation has been long and our customer assistance disposed the purchaser of a due diligence, particularly for the unreliable economic situation of the previous owner.

• 3 star hotel – Riccione/Rimini, Italy

This hotel includes 60 rooms directly facing on the seafront of Riccione, Rimini area. We have rented it after a our mediation process between buyer and seller, choosing the final lease solution after attentive analysis. As a result, the contract provides for the possibility of purchase within the first 4 years of lease.

• Commercial property/Bank agency – Savona, Italy

Located in the main square of the town, this is one of the most important Italian banking house. It is hosted on the ground and first floor of an Italian historic building subject to the constraint of Fine Arts regulation. We have sold it after a long negotiation of 2 months, following personally the update of the documentation concerning the building alteration produced by the bank.



• 4 star hotel – Legnano/Milan, Italy

Lease of a new 4 star hotel so composed: 135 rooms, restaurant, wide SPA center, big meeting room and various smaller facilities rooms, underground and outdoor parking facilities for a total of 80 cars. We have proposed a lease of € 380.000 pro year with the 'Rent to buy' option, which facilitates the purchaser in buying the property at the price of € 17.000.000 within 4 years, deducting an amount equal to 50% of the rent paid until that moment.

• 4 star tourist resort - Golfo di Policastro/Salerno, Italy

We have sold a tourist resort to an important international tour operator. The purchase has been possible thanks to the assumption of a remarkable loan and the payment of the gap in cash.

• Commercial property/Insurance company - Milan, Italy

This 9000 m² building hosting an insurance company is situated in a financial and commercial area close to the city center. We sold it with a profit of 7% as a result of sale price/rent income, and excellent tenant reference. Thanks to our negotiation the purchaser has gained a saving of 12% on the starting price.



• 3 star hotel - Salsomaggiore Terme/Parma, Italy

Sale of a small hotel composed of 32 rooms and modernised restaurant. We have followed the negotiation between the old owner and the experienced hotel manager who has finally purchased it.

• Hotel and restaurant - Canosa di Puglia/Foggia, Italy

This hotel consists in 23 rooms, 500-seats meeting room and equipped park for big events. We have proposed two different contracts, a lease and a provisional sale contract. This will allow the investor to buy the property at a fixed price within 6 years.



• Commercial property/Bank agency - Imola/Bologna, Italy

This 2-floor apartment house hosts a bank agency, offices and a flat. The seller was a Real Estate Fund and was giving its assets for liquidation sale. In this case the purchaser has bought the property with a profit of 8%.



• 4 star hotel - Bologna, Italy

This 4 star hotel is composed of 146 rooms and consists in a 220 m² private residence surrounded by a 5500 m² park with wood. The property also has health farm and multimedia convention center for 300 people. We have sold it at the price of € 12.000.000 through a € 9.000.000 mortgage loan at the vantageous rate of 2,9%.

• 3 star hotel - Venice, Italy

This beautiful 'Venetian style' building is located in one of the main streets of the old town centre. The hotel consists in 40 rooms including 4 suites and a valuable restaurant with veranda facing the inner canal popular for its gondolas. 2008

• Industrial plant powered by photovoltaic installation – Modena, Italy

We have sold this plant converted into a leading maintenance-and-repair road machinery business.

• Supermarket – Ravenna, Italy

This property hosted one of the most important Italian discount chain store, with a profit of 7,5%. Collaborating with other two agencies of the area we finally gained an interesting offer for our client.